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Kap- og geringsav, 2000w

Denne kap-/geringssav har en driftseffekt på 2000 watt. 5300 o/ min 255mm savklinge Saven vejer 18,2 kg.manual kapgering

Varmepistol 2000W

-Professional 2000W heat gun provides strong power and quickly heat up to 600℃ in few seconds -High-quality full ceramic heating and optimum device cooling for long service life -7 Temperature settings from 50℃ to 600℃ and 3 Air flow speed control [1st:250L/min, 2nd:250L/min, 3rd:500L/min] can satisfy all the requirements -Built-in overload protection system shuts the heating element down and prevents burn up and extends service life -3 Nozzle attachments meet different application needs. Great for shrink wrapping, epoxy resin, shrink tubing, crafts, cell phone repairs, paint removal, electronics repair -Ergonomic design and handle with non-slip surface provides convenient handling -Adjusting temperature wheel allows user to adjust the temperature easily -Constant Heat Control for continuous work without over heating